In their second year of existence, Starr's Mill HS won the 3A State Championship. Alice scored the only goal of the game.

Allison never liked her action pictures because of the intense expressions she often had. She liked this one, especially since she scored to help secure Starr's Mill's second state championship.

Breakaway - This was my first attempt at merging pictures

Charleston Sunrise

I was in Charleston refereeing in a tournament over the Thanksgiving weekend. When I woke up the first morning, I saw the sunrise and thought I needed to get a picture of it. It was not until two days later that I finally took a tripod up to my room. This is the final selection out of 12 shots taken over 20 minutes.

Da Rock

Jumping off the rock at Lake Martin, AL. We did not jump together. It is a combination of four pictures.

David & Delaney

Their parents put them in the wagon to see what would happen. They took a picture and walked away. I stuck around a while to get this shot.

If you are tired enough, you will sleep anywhere!

After being accused of illegal recruiting with their U10's, Lightning decided to do something to really get people going. The U4 picture was taken and sent out as Christmas cards. Have you ever tried to get a group of kids this young to pose together?

PS - there never was a program, just a picture.

Lindsey flipped out after winning Starrs' Mill's second State HS Championship

My team was having a pool party. I went into the screened porch to reload film so I would not be in direct sunlight. Once I was ready again, I noticed Morgan at the other side of the table. I pointed the camera at her. She saw it and smiled.

National Champions!

This shot was used in several local newspapers and a local annual magazine


I waited for the ball to come to him, but it went to the other side. I kept him in my viewfinder and noticed his expression change. I got ready to shoot. As he jumped I took three shots. This was the first one. He scored on this header.

Members of the Lightning 88 White team taking a break between games at WAGS. They were U12's at the time. They continued to play together from that time until they all graduated high school.

These were taken with film cameras. All have been scanned, of course, but some have had other enhancements in Photoshop

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